This area of the website is for those projects that have been successful in attaining a grant from the Church and Community Fund.

How to drawn down grants from the CCF?

Once an applicant has been awarded a grant from the CCF they have two years* from the date of the acknowledgement letter to claim their grant or first instalment of their grant.

The applicant will need to send the CCF a signed funding agreement, a completed payment and project detail form and evidence that the project is underway. Employment projects should send a signed copy of the contract for the specific role that they applied for funding for. Projects that approached the CCF for funding towards general running costs, building work, purchase of equipment or anything else that can be invoiced should provide the CCF with a copy of the invoice for these services or materials.

Projects that are awarded grants over a number of years will need to request each installment of the grant every year as The CCF does not arrange grant installments to be paid automatically. This is to ensure that projects are still running and therefore still require their allocated funding.  

*If your project is delayed and you are unable to draw down your grant within the two year period then you should contact us to make a case to extend the draw down period before the period expires. Whilst such extensions are not granted automatically, the Committee do seek to be accomodating when valid reasons for a delay are given.

It should be noted that projects should keep the CCF up to date with any changes in regards to contact details.


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